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Friday, 8 July 2011

The Stresses And Strains Of Being A Wedding Guest

The season is definitely upon us where the weather is (supposed) to be warmer and everyone is starting to get married. They say you hit an age when all your friends start to get married and that happened to me last summer.

Two of my very close friends got married last summer but this year I only have one wedding to go to and it is David's friend who is getting married. The wedding is fast approaching (its next week) and like a lot of other women sweeping the country the question on all our lips is "What the hell am I going to wear????!!!!" If you are a bridemaid its easy you don't have to worry about what to wear but being a wedding guest does bring some stress, or is that just me????

I am usually quite organised about this sort of thing and I started looking around the shops in preparation for the July sales. Yes a late July wedding is great for the guest as you can save a bit of money on the dress! So I though great! Monsoon here I come in July when your sales have begun and I will find something i like.
Seven dresses later.................nope I can't quite find something that 100% flatters me. The thing is I can be quite critical of myself and if I don't think I look good in something there is no way I am going to wear it regardless of what other opinions may be. I am going through a very critical phase which isn't helping the dress search!

So last night 5pm came I rushed out of work and headed into town, 13 dresses later I'm still not 100% sure!I've been to about 5 different shops and now I'm starting to run out of options and the stress levels are starting to rise a bit. There is also the thought that since all the sales are on everyone else will be hitting the shops and buying the same dresses. There may be a fleet of people in the same lilac monsoon dress I pondered over at one point!

So now what? I stop and start to think back to all the dresses I've tried on.
 Do i got for the £99 Pink Maxi Coast dress that I tried on in a rush after work on Tuesday? or the Classic style floral Laura Ashley dress that was £85 and a bit more "me".

The rational Camilla decided to make an appearance and think "Atleast with the Laura Ashley dress you will wear it more than once" so unconvinced and a little deflated we headed back to Laura Ashley to get the dress. I suppose I should now explain that I do like the dress but I don't LOVE the dress, I usually prefer to LOVE a dress before I buy it!

So I walk into Laura Ashley and head to the rail. Where is the dress????? Maybe it is still in the changing room???? Nope not in there either. So talk about bad luck! In the one hour I was gone someone else has bought it!!!! (Let's hope this person isn't going to the same wedding as me!) Now its 8pm and all the shops are closing...............

Weighing up the option I decide to head to the Laura Ashley website (thank you online shopping) and there it is sitting waiting for me to buy it. But could I stop myself from clicking on other dresses? pretty summer dress. I didn't see you in the shop...........

So now I have 2 dresses on order, but I've missed next day delivery option so we still opted for next day delivery but it'll come Tuesday instead! Still with standard delivery it may not have even come in time! I fully intend to return one dress when they arrive!! So I guess I am sorted and can relax now???
Not quite.................. there is still a wealth of things to think about! Shoes, handbags, jewellery, make up, fascinator...............a bit tricky when I can't decide what colour to accessorise with. So now I've opened up another can of worms but this time I need to go shopping not quite knowing the exact colours............the joys of being a female!

Maybe I should have just worn the dress I wore to one of the weddings last year afterall????????? Hmmm...........................

Monday, 4 July 2011

New Stock and Teaching Classes!

This week's blog post is just going to be a short one. (Sometimes I think I rattle on too much)

I wanted to really showcase my new work on my online shops and spread the word of Camilla-Erika, plus I have some exciting news to share with you!

I am currently in the middle of photographing and uploading my new work onto my Folksy and Etsy sites. So far I have concentrated on Folksy, so if you would like to go and see any of my items click on this link!

Most of my new work has been made with Shrink Plastic and Resin however there are lots of other lovely bit and bobs in there too. Here are some of my new lines!

Seen something you like? Don't delay! Get onto for a closer look.

The exciting news that I wanted to tell you was that I will be teaching some jewellery classes at I Heart Art, The Galleria Shopping Centre, Aberdeen next month!

Have you ever fancied making jewellery out of your grannies button collection? Or thought that you would love to embed a little charm or your favourite fabric swatch in resin? Or has the idea of drawing your own design on plastic and making it into a necklace grabbed your attention????

Well the good news is you can do any of it (or all of it) and I will be showing you how!

I will be running the following classes:

Resin Jewellery with Camilla-Erika
Wednesday 10th August 6pm-8pm
Wednesday 17th August 6-8pm
Price tbc

This is a 2 week course where you will learn how to make your own resin jewellery. You will be able to mix and cast the resin in moulds and embed any little trinket you like. Got a favourite button on charm? Love glitter? Or have a favourite fabric swatch? You can bring them along to be included. Week 2 will concentrate on finishing off your resin jewellery by transforming them into a ring or whatever else you fancy.

Button Jewellery with Camilla-Erika
Saturday 20th August 11am-1pm
Price £20

Come along and turn some of those buttons you have lying around the house into a beautiful piece of jewellery! If you have some favourite buttons bring them along, if you don't its ok I will be taking some along!
You will be shown how to make rings, earrings and other pieces.

Shrink Plastic Jewellery with Camilla-Erika
Thursday 25th August 6pm-8pm
Price tbc

This class will allow you to draw your own designs onto shrink plastic which you will heat up and magically transform into a pendant or earrings! Don't worry if drawing is not your thing we will give you some help and ideas!

For examples you can have a look above or on my folksy page to see what kind of wonders you can create!

If you are interested in booking onto any of the course please contact I Heart Art on 01224 905909

For more information check out the list of Classes and Workshops I Heart Art do.

I look forward to seeing you in my classes! :)