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Friday, 30 August 2013

Day 30 - And That's It Folks

Here we are Day 30 - The end of the 30 day blog challenge. I've come out the other side and managed to produce all but one post. Ok so I didn't necessarily blog everyday but I still got there in the end. Going from a couple posts a month to a post everyday is quite a change and quite a challenge! It is tough to produce interesting content and not just blog for the sake of blogging. 

So what haven't a learnt? Well that I can produce blog posts regularly, I just have to make time. Planning posts is also a key to succeeding. My blog acts as a catalyst for me in terms of my creating, it ensures I keep going and find inspiration. So maybe I need to do my blog more for me rather than for the few readers I've picked up along the way?

For those of you out there that do keep up with my blog posts you can expect to see some more regular postings, at least weekly!

So here is to my future posts, cheers and see you soon! 

Day 28 - Some Interesting Storage Ideas

As part of my house revamp I'm trying to consider some interesting and clever storage ideas. We don't have room for anymore actual pieces of furniture but I'm sure there are better ways that we can utilise space for storage.

Here are some clever ideas I found on Pinterest which have got my brain in ticking mode!

Now to have a look through the contents of the shed to see what I can rustle up!! 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Day 27 - Putting My Stamp On Everyday Items

A few months ago you may remember I showed you all the stamp mirror I had made for my living room. I've not written a post specifically about it so thought this was the perfect opportunity. 

It all started with a bunch of stamps, some glue and a plain photo frame. A friend of mine, Jennifer came over one Saturday to make some stuff and I suggested covering things in stamps as I'd been wanting to try it for a while. 

The photo frame, took me ages!

The photo frame in detail

Jennifer and her photo frame

The box, not quite finished

The mirror begins.....

The mirror finished

The mirror in detail 

I have to say its a really effective technique. I'm thinking I might create a marine/sea themed stamp covered mirror for the bathroom...cue the PVA glue....

Monday, 26 August 2013

Day 26 - Crochet Part 5 - Crochet Picture Frame

My next crochet project (even though I'm still working on the previous ones) is a crochet picture frame. I saw this in my latest copy of Simply Crochet magazine
and thought it was a pretty cool idea.

Simply crochet magazine

Keen on the crochet frame idea I decided to have a look on Pinterest to see what others have also created too.

Here is the early stages of my attempt at the crochet picture frame. I'll keep you updated as the project progresses!

The template in the magazine and the template cut out of thin card. I've used a cereal packet.

Double crochet around the cardboard template. 

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Day 25 - The Gardening Seems To Be Working

For those of you who read Day 1 of the blog challenge you will have seen that I started to grow some windowsill herbs which consisted of basil, chives and parsley from the seed. This was from a kit I picked up in B&Q. You can have a quick recap here:


Here is how the herbs looked 24 days ago:

I also planted some beetroot, cress and pansies at the same time. The cress has since all been eaten but the beetroot and pansies are coming on well and will get planted out soon. 

Here is how the herbs looked before I potted them up earlier today. 

Basil and parsley

The herbs today! 

Here are the beetroot and pansies:


The pansies
Here are my herbs all planted up in their own pots:

The grown up herb family 

Looking good!

Growing tall! 

Day 24 - Crochet Part 4 - Crochet Flower Garland

Here is a crochet project I started working on earlier this summer then abandoned as the ends needed sewing in! 

It's is a floral garland, a pattern that was featured in Mollie Makes magazine. It consists of three different flower sizes and once I got the hang of it I couldn't stop! 

Just need to finish sewing in the ends then actually make it into a garland. But here is what I've got so far! 

It may not be that amazing but I'm totally amazed how easily I am picking up crochet now after such a battle! I'm still impressed at how advanced looking the most basic of stitches can look!  

Pretty crochet flowers for garland

Close up of crochet flowers

Day 23 - House Revamp Continues

My latest trip to Ikea saw me buy a number of different photo frames and bits n pieces. It's only taken me three weeks but I've finally sorted them out and I'm ready to put things on the wall. Here is my latest additions: 

Pink frame from ikea with Paperchase wrapping paper inside

Close up of Paperchase print

Blue ikea frame with John Lewis wrapping paper

Close up of John Lewis print

In addition my latest trip that I took to Steptoes (a local reclamation yard) saw me come home with some tapestry pictures which I'll add to my growing collection:

Birds tapestry

Deer and fawn tapestry

Rose illustration print 


Close up of jam embroidery 

This is a cross stitch I picked up from a car boot sale for 20 pence!! 

Now just to paint the wall in the kitchen so some of these can actually go up!!' 

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Day 22 - A Walk In the Rain

I'm quite lucky to live near a river so a lovely scenic walk is only 5 minutes away. I often like to go for a walk down there and see the wildlife. There are quite a few herons as well as other birds. 

Even though it has been a miserable rainy day I still fancied a walk down there, and luckily enough I even got to see a heron! 

There is a heron in this picture!

Talking of herons a few months ago I took my SLR on a walk with me and took some photos. I'll have to share these with you sometime. 

Now time to splash in some puddles! 

Day 21 - Washi Tape Frames - The Experiment Begins

After my post on Washi tape I thought I should really try and do something with the tape I bought! After rooting around in my things I found a pack of photo frames I bought to cover stamps in, so it was decided, the frames would be donated for my experiment. 

See the results for yourself, quite a quick and quirky way to jazz up a boring frame don't you think??? 

Frame before the revamp

The first frame midway 

Work in progress

The finished frames


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Day 20 - Crochet Part 3 - Pretty Lace Collar

My latest crochet project was from a pattern I found in Simply Crochet.

Simply Crochet

I've been admiring for a while all the pretty Peter Pan style removable collars that have been selling in the shops, so when I saw a pattern for a lace crochet collar I thought I might as well give it a go! 

Lace collar

All in all it was fairly simple, the only problem I had was an issue with my tension. I must crochet quite tight as after doing the foundation chain and row one my collar was still about 10cm too short! I had to creatively figure how to encorporate more stitches. This has resulted in the finished item being slightly uneven at the ends so it may be best to hide the join at the back of the neck rather than wear to the front as intended. No big deal, ill get number 2 right!! 

Anyway enjoy the photos, ill upload another one when it is 100% finished! 

Work in progress