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Monday, 29 July 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge Begins -

Welcome to all my existing readers and all my new readers!

Today marks the start of my 30 day blog challenge where each day I will write a blog and publish it. For all my existing readers this will be quite a change as presently I get one maybe two blogs out a month!

Things need to change and in order to do so I'm taking part in this challenge. You will see my posts get shorter but more regular. I'm hoping that over the next month I succeed and hopefully get more out of my blogging not only in terms of rankings and number of readers but for my own crafty development with my projects.

Day 1- I Am Turning Into a Wannabe Gardener.......or so I'd like to think.........

Gardening has never interested me, never but something happened this summer and I don't know what, or how.

Maybe it was the lovely weather making me want to pretty up my garden so I could look out in hope instead of despair?

Maybe it was from seeing how pretty David's parents garden looks?

Maybe it was from aimlessly walking around B&Q thinking the dangerous thoughts "I could do that!"

Whatever it was its hit me hard but with a not so great track record of looking after houseplants I was concerned. I decided not to spend too much but I always either bought too many plants than I had pots or vice versa. I started toI fritter away my money..... 

20 violas, 1 dahlia, 1 verbena, 2 double bergonias, petunias, nemesias, soil, bonemeal.... the list goes on! Not to forget the parsley, chives, basil, cress, beetroot, pansies........ STOP STOP!!!! I've not even bought my Gardening For Dummies book yet!

Next I'll be getting the pop up greenhouse, it's only about £30 from Argos, not that I've been looking.... 

The flowers have taken over my step!

Pretty pinks, purples and whites

Petunias and nemesis

Violas of all different patterns and colours

Flowers look great in a wooden barrel

A lone viola bathing in the sun

Growing some herbs, they are starting to come through! 

Basil, chives and a little parsley! 

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Where Did June Go? Vintage Tea Rooms, Travel and Some Craftyness for Good Measure

It's a sure sign of age when time passes you by quicker than you can blink! We are already half way into July and I'm still thinking about June!

June was a busy month for me with a wedding, birthdays and 2 weeks holiday. I did get some crafty activities done though and to keep you all upto speed today's blog will be more visual than written. 

Let's see what June brought me..... 

Biddys Tea Room, Norwich

Our holiday took us down to Norfolk to visit my mum. We stumbled across Biddys Tea Room which is the most gorgeous vintage tea room ever. We sat upstairs but looking at how comfy and inviting the lounge looks will make that my next destination. The cakes were lovely and homemade full of filling and flavour. Delicious! Just wish it was a bit closer to home!    

    Cake and coffee on vintage crockery

   Caramel cake.......I could scoff the pic!

    Love the decor!

    The lounge, how cosy!  

The Poppy Line Steam Train, Sheringham

Another step back in time took us onto the Poppy Line. You can take a 20 minute train journey on an old steam train or diesel train and enjoy travel like it used to be. How different our trips to work would be if we still used steam train! 

    Choo choo!

   Me and mum enjoying the ride with our                                       new handbags

Home Improvements

A trip back from Norfolk always comes with a "Can we go to Ikea on the way home?" from me. It follows the same pattern every time, we go, don't really know what we need, pick things up, realise we have picked up too much, get frustrated and argue then put some stuff back. If only Ikea were a little closer to Aberdeen! Our trip however did get us some things and we quickly got organised and got David's dad around to help us put things up. Finally our house is starting to take shape! 

   Our new picture rail above our bed

    A brill way to showcase my trinkets

    A map of the world which is actually gift wrap

I added old book pages to create a border for framing

Finally added a large curtain over our massive hall window. Dyed using Dylon machine dyes.

   New living room mirror, covered completely in stamps by moi

    Close up of mirror corner

    Took me hours to cover the mirror!!!!

    Patchwork cushion courtesy of my mum

   Patchwork wall hanging made by my mum now on my living room wall :)