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Monday, 5 August 2013

Day 5 - Totally Addicted to....Craft Magazines

My name is Camilla and I am addicted to craft magazines, there I said it! Each month I scour the newsagents for the latest craft magazine jam packed full of crafty projects for me to dabble in! 

Mollie Makes
Simply Crochet
The list goes on.....

Thing is I've started to notice the same patterns cropping up a few months down the line in another magazine, maybe that's a sign I should stop for a bit!

I buy the magazine, flick through it, maybe read the articles and then have a proper read of all the craft projects earmarking in my mind which ones I should try next. I then store them in my magazine rack where they stay gathering dust until my magazine rack is bursting full! Then every so often I'll go through my magazines and tear out all the projects I'm interested in and arrange in piles to file at a later date or stick on the wall. Only the projects that grab my attention the most ever make it to the top of the to do pile. 

But although its expensive, averaging around £4/£5 a magazine I love it and depending on the magazine look forward to the date of the next release! I dread the day all magazines turn digital and I can no longer tear out my projects to file or stick on the wall! 

So am I alone in this crafty mag obsession? 

This months craft mags full of crochet homeware and accessories. 


  1. Hi Camilla,

    Save your magazine pages, because that digital age you mentioned is slowly arriving.
    One consolation that you have is that there are not likely to be a whole new influx of craft ideas.I am not a craft person and dont know this for sure, but chances are that is what will happen. So the ones you already have will be recycled.
    Enjoy your craft, and see you around.

  2. I found that the projects in my favourite magazine were always very simple and often similar to the one posted the month before. Also many craft magazines are really card making magazines with a token one or two other crafts thrown in. As the mags are so expensive I started looking in some of the "cheap book" places and I buy books for less than the price of a magazine. Of course I find tons of crafty ideas on pinterest too, it can be quite addictive.

  3. I like collection magazines too. I now rip out the pages that I am interested in and put in a folder.
    They don't all get made, but it saves space.

  4. I have a Marie Claire magazine addiction, so I can relate. I've told myself in the past that keeping my favorite articles would be a great idea, but I never fall through with it. I end up throwing away the magazines because clutter drives me crazy. Now I'm wondering if I should? Thanks for the idea. :)

  5. I am not addicted to craft magazines but i can appreciate an addiction. You know, craft stuff is very is both visual and when you work with it, a double wammy...I will stick to addictions I chocolate! We all have them! I like your blog and I love to see topics I never thought of before...they are surprising and fun! Well done!

  6. Camilla, I feel your pain with this one. I bloody love magazines, I try and tell myself that its important for work (I'm a journalist so I need to research right?). I manage to feed my addiction but curb my spending by either downloading them on to my ipad (I've noticed if you subscribe then its infinitely cheaper per issue - although not quite the same) or I juddle the trial issue subs so 3 issues for £1 etc