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Friday, 30 August 2013

Day 30 - And That's It Folks

Here we are Day 30 - The end of the 30 day blog challenge. I've come out the other side and managed to produce all but one post. Ok so I didn't necessarily blog everyday but I still got there in the end. Going from a couple posts a month to a post everyday is quite a change and quite a challenge! It is tough to produce interesting content and not just blog for the sake of blogging. 

So what haven't a learnt? Well that I can produce blog posts regularly, I just have to make time. Planning posts is also a key to succeeding. My blog acts as a catalyst for me in terms of my creating, it ensures I keep going and find inspiration. So maybe I need to do my blog more for me rather than for the few readers I've picked up along the way?

For those of you out there that do keep up with my blog posts you can expect to see some more regular postings, at least weekly!

So here is to my future posts, cheers and see you soon! 

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