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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Day 13 - SOS Pinterest Newbie

I'm quite new to Pinterest, I've only had an account for a month or two max and I first stumbled upon it last year when doing social media research for my dissertation. 

I'm starting to catch the bug, I firstly started to create public boards that were just a collection of other pins people had pinned or re-pinned. I collected ideas for new craft projects, for my garden and for the re-decorating of my bathroom, clothes and whatever else I saw, loved and needed to pin somewhere. 

Some of my boards on Pinterest 

Then I read the tip to pin images from your blog and insert your blog address to  direct traffic to your blog. Just as well I always try to ensure my photos are visually appealing, love a bit of instagramming!! So I've created a new board of blog photos and we will see what happens. 

Blog photos board

There are some lovely photos on Pinterest making it so hard to stop pinning once you start! It's a great place for gathering inspiration. But that is about as far as my Pinterest knowledge goes.

Do you have any Pinterest top tips for me???

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  1. I am afraid I dont make good use of pinterest for Marketing. I have lots of Boards, filled with foods and recipes. I started a board with my blog links but never continued. Perhaps one day when I have more time.
    Happy Pinning.