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Friday, 2 August 2013

Day 2 - Domestic Baking Goddess? Maybe Not Quite....

Today I've decided to blog about baking. I'm not particularly good at baking but I like to think the stuff I make is edible at least!

I don't bake very often probably because its just me and David and we would eat it all but I have so many baking books that sometimes I just need to find my excuse! Today's excuse is that I'm going on a road trip to visit friends in Glasgow tomorrow, I can't exactly go empty handed can I?! 

I decided to make some Florentines and some Chocolate Brownies. These are honestly the best brownies around and I'm not saying that because I made them!  This is one of my play it safe recipes, every time I make them they work and everybody loves them! Then again who wouldn't love gooey brownies with not just one type of chocolate but three! 

The recipe is from BBC Good Food, if you love brownies then you have to make them! You will find the recipe here:

Here are my finished treats! 

Tea anyone???

And here are some photos of me making the goodies. I have to say my "sampling" has made me feel rather sick! Better get them into the polka dot tin ready for the trip tomorrow......if they make it that far.... 

The florentine mixture

Fresh out of the oven

Lots of butter and chocolate for the brownies.... Lets not dwell!

 In goes the rest of the chocolate! 

Ping! The brownies are ready! 



  1. oh they look gorgeous!!! what time are you popping the kettle on ;) x

  2. Yummy! I rarely bake, but I have a few kitchen elves who do sometimes. I think I may just be inspired to try those brownies myself though.

    1. They bare delicious, best enjoyed warm and fresh! Went down as treat with my friends.

  3. WOW I think you have an instagram theme going on here... Well done on the brownies! I can smell them from across the pond and they are making me hungry!

    1. Yup love instagram!!!!!! Thanks I'm afraid you are too far away to have one... Will just have to make some!!! :)

  4. Oh my gosh--brownies are my #2 foodie weakness (cheesecake is #1). I am going to resist lingering over the photos to avoid a decrease in my willpower. They look and sound delicious. Trying to give up all refined sugar :(

    Rachel recently posted The 16 Habits of Highly Unsuccessful People

    1. Good luck!!! I'll go back to being good later this week! Lol

  5. Oh, brownies are divine, and I'm sure those are delicious. Yummy comfort food. :)