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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Day 3 - Some Quality Time With Some Old Friends

Today's post will have to be a short one as I'm visiting some old friends in Glasgow.

Sometimes you just can't beat some quality time with the girls and its even more precious when you don't all live in the same city! 

Coffee, chat, cake, wine, dinner, cocktails and dancing. What more do you need for a good old catch up?!

When you grow up friendships change, you spend more time with your friends when you are kids and teenagers but when you hit your 20s people move and meet partners. Not every friendship lasts this transition but no matter where the 4 of us are or how long apart it's like it never changes when we meet up again. 


  1. Your in glasgow ? cool.. Always cool to connect with a fellow glasweigan!

  2. Yup I was down visiting friends, I'm from Aberdeen!