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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Day 10 - The Coffee Shop Generation

Seeing as I'm sitting in Starbucks enjoying a coffee and a snack I thought I'd write today's post about coffee shops.

Over the last fifteen years plus, the number of Starbucks, Costas and other independent coffee shops have increased significantly. I remember when Aberdeen only had one Starbucks, now we have at least 5 I can think of all within a really close distance of each other. 

About 3/4 years ago a new shopping mall opened in Aberdeen called Union Square, it is always busy and many times I've wondered just where everyone used to go before it was here! In the mall there is a Starbucks (the one I happen to be in) and it is always busy, sometimes the queue is so long you wonder if its even worth it!

So that brings me to my point, coffee shops seem to be the Mecca where people come to relax, socialise, wait for people or appointments or to get that all important caffeine kick! 

I have loved "going for coffee" ever since I started uni. Me and my best friend at uni would spend hours and hours discussing uni projects, life, boys and the future in a coffee shop. It is now one of my favourite things to do "go for coffee". But for me it's not just the social aspect, I enjoy going alone just as much.

Back in my naive days I romanced about the idea of reading Romeo and Juliet in a coffee shop and meeting the one, how silly is that?! Last year I spent the summer writing my dissertation and escaping to Starbucks to use the free wifi and do some work. Today I use the time to catch up on reading or to write blogs and plan my next crafty project. For me although quite a noisy environment it's one in which I can focus, just enough noise to reflect the buzz but not too much so I can't zone out and get on with the task in hand (unless there is a screaming baby!)

Anyone fancy a coffee??? Make mine a soya, sugar free caramel latte/macchiato please :) 

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