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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Day 23 - House Revamp Continues

My latest trip to Ikea saw me buy a number of different photo frames and bits n pieces. It's only taken me three weeks but I've finally sorted them out and I'm ready to put things on the wall. Here is my latest additions: 

Pink frame from ikea with Paperchase wrapping paper inside

Close up of Paperchase print

Blue ikea frame with John Lewis wrapping paper

Close up of John Lewis print

In addition my latest trip that I took to Steptoes (a local reclamation yard) saw me come home with some tapestry pictures which I'll add to my growing collection:

Birds tapestry

Deer and fawn tapestry

Rose illustration print 


Close up of jam embroidery 

This is a cross stitch I picked up from a car boot sale for 20 pence!! 

Now just to paint the wall in the kitchen so some of these can actually go up!!' 

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  1. Hi, Camilla-Erika, I love haunting the "junque" shops looking for old frames for my photos. Trouble is if there is already a picture there I feel bad disposing of someone else's relative so I leave that pic behind mine. One day people will take apart my frames and wonder who the really old photos are!!!