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Friday, 11 March 2011

Knitted huts and tea sets!

Hello All!
This week's blog will take a slightly different format in the fact that I don't have a specific project to present to you! In fact I don't have any at all (yes I'm still beavering away with the jumper!) But this past week has been a busy week within the crafting realm so I want to share with you some photos of my adventures.

As I mentioned last week, Friday 4th March was the opening night of an exhibition being held at "I Heart Art" in Aberdeen. My jewellery (Neon Haze Designs) was invited along to exhibit and is still there waiting for all you lovelies to go and buy it! Here are some photos from the night.

Saturday saw David and I head down to Glasgow for the weekend. Luckily the ICHF Hobby Craft and Creative Stitches Show ( was on (great timing!), what an excellent chance to stock up on some bits and bobs! This is the second time I have been along to one of these events and I can't quite believe how many stalls are there! From card making to needle craft from rag rugging to quilting, you name the craft it will be there!

This year all knitting fans were in for a treat! I was walking through the hall and came across a MASSIVE knitted hut!!!! It was spectacular! "Above and Below The Waves" was the idea of Alison and Ann Murray. The project was made to raise money for the RNLI "Train One, Save Many" campaign.

2000 knitters contributed to the project which took 2 years to complete. The sewing up alone took 5 months to do! It is truly amazing and if you do get the opportunity to experience it first hand go and check it out. For those of you who can't here are some photos. Doesn't it totally inspire you to create something large??!
For more information please go to

As you walk through the hut you enter a world of knitted under the sea wonders!

A beautiful Jellyfish

The resident sea monster "Nemesis" created by School children in Devon

A beach scene

The entrance to the hut with the friendly mermaid

The lobster man, complete with knitted lobster!!!

Of course no trip to an event like this would be complete without burning some money! I didn't go too crazy but I got some nice things.

Hmmm some more patchwork hexagons or fabric covered earrings perhaps?

Buttons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some new button jewellery just waiting to be created

Every girl needs some pretty ribbon to add to her stash

Lastly I want to touch on my new found wonder called the tea set. I have been scouring charity shops in the hope to find some lovely gems I can use to decorate my future new house (a bit premature I know!) A few weeks ago I came across a gorgeous set for only £3! AMAZING! Pastel colours and golden rims, how quaint! Possibly a bit grubby to use but they will look fantastic displayed in the kitchen. Here is a photo of some of the set.

It was probably very wrong of David and I to assume that this would be the last tea set I would buy. A pretty tea set and a bargain comes along and I am sorry but I just can't say no! So it happened again yesterday...........I saw a tea set I liked in Shelter, £4!!!!! wow!!!!!

How very cute and complete with plates and all sorts.
"Why have you bought another tea set?" asked David
"It was pretty....................."
Do I have to have a reason?  I don't have any plans for this tea set as such, but the idea of creating a mosaic mirror frame or something has left an imprint in my brain ever since Kirstie Allsopp showed us how. So if they don't get used for tea, or hung on the wall, or used to make tea cup candles, I can always smash them up and make art.

But alas it didn't stop there................for those of you who know me I have a bit of a thing about polka dots..
Polka dot mugs in pastel colours had to be bought!

£5 in Shelter and if I'm not wrong they are in M&S as we speak!

Oh before I forget I have also set up a facebook fan page and twitter for Neon Haze Designs! Go and have a search. You can find my twitter account on, follow me and find out what I'm upto both with Neon Haze Designs and general craftyness!

Ta ta for now, I'm off to go and look for tea sets. Think I'm getting a bit "tea potty" for them...........................haha!


  1. Hi Camilla great post! I have to say your tea set obsession made me smile not least as I have blogger friend who like you loves shopping for tea sets in charity shops for bargain prices and your pastel gold rimmed set is remarkably like one she blogged this week...see it here

    It was a lovely chatty post and I looke forward to seeing what you make with your new purchases :-)

    love Teri xxx

  2. I LOVE the pastel Tea Set Camilla, cant wait for a cup o tea at ur house now :)!! I DO think ur blog is fantastic, it's so you!!
    Hugs! Sophie

  3. Hi Teri, thanks for your comments. I am off to check out your friend's blog now! :) x

  4. Hi Sophie, I know isn't it so beautiful!!! Glad you like the blog, I think its going well so far :) KRAM

  5. Hi Camilla, popped over as I said I would. Your tea sets are gorgeous and as for the spotty mugs ! I have them too and yes, they are from M & S xx