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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Hello, yes remember me???

Happy 2012 everybody..........yes I am aware it is February and even worse I am aware I haven't blogged since August last year!!!! A whole 6 months!!! I cannot believe it.

A lot has changed in the last 6 months, don't worry I haven't simply forgotten all my loyal followers.........if there were any to begin with! 5 months and 1 day ago I decided to quit my full time job and give up a salary to go back to university. Some may say brave? others stupid,  but 5 months on I have no regrets! 

This kind of leads me onto why I haven't be blogging and even sadder than that had no time to do any crafting. I hear some you gasp with disgust as you frantically knit/crochet/sew away on your latest creation. How can someone who said they love to craft so much not be creating anything?! Believe me this isn't really something I have enjoyed giving up...........hmmm giving up is not the right term more like I have "temporarily suspended my crafting". 

A postgraduate masters course has taken over my life so to speak. Instead of constantly thinking about new projects to work on my head is filled with terms like keywords, brand equity, cash inflows and consumer buying behaviour. I am doing a postgraduate course in International Marketing Management, combine this with a part time job and I am not left with much free time! Excuses I hear some of you say! Well no not really but I do have to admit my time management skills may not be up to scratch and to be honest after sitting in lectures, working in a shop and trying to read textbooks whilst not falling asleep (a skill I am not getting the hang of) all I seem to want to do is curl up on the sofa with my slanket and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Even my poor house is suffering the brunt of the lack of crafting. Jobs have been left half done, others wait patiently to be turned into a beautiful new piece of furniture or photo frame to be hung on the wall. Cans of paint stand still waiting to be used and mirrors gather dust whilst waiting to be hung on the wall. The dining room table is starting to resemble a librarians desk more than a crafters treasure trove and the mini photographic studio i set up last week is still up in the living room waiting for another session. 

However all is not lost as I am determined that whilst I am severely short on time I will slowly get myself back into it with my concentration focused on Camilla -Erika. Both my online shops are empty waiting for new listings and I have a heap of jewellery to photograph in preparation. Even some new stuff! Resin jewellery making is one thing I have managed to make a tiny bit of time for.  

Hopefully by writing this blog entry today it will give me the encouragement to get back out there, I don't want another 6 months to pass, I want to re-ignite my inner crafter once again.....that sounded cheesy!

I will leave you with some new photos I have taken of some of my resin ring creations, with lots more to follow in due course. Who knows I may ever have a project to show you next time............hmm shouldn't get too ahead of myself eh! lol


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  1. Welcome back Cam! Glad to see you in the blogosphere at least, since I haven't seen you in the real world in aaaaaages! :)