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Thursday, 2 June 2011

The absentee returns!

I thought it was about time I jump back on the horse and get on with doing my blog again! Apologies for the long absence, it has been MORE than a while. But I have a good excuse.............I life has been taken over by boxes!

Yes that's right I've been moving house!
 The past month has been manic, with moving, making sure the flat we are moving out of is left in a good condition so I got my deposit back (which I did!) and decorating I've not had a moment to rest. Work has been my rest, but now things are starting to calm down, boxes are being emptied, things put in the loft and walls stripped of wallpaper. We are slowly getting there! I can now breathe a sigh of relief and start doing the things I used to do before the moving bug caught a hold of me and controlled me for so long!

David and I on our first night in the new house! No furniture and no cooking stuff.
Look what Northern Rock sent us! A welcome pack full of goodies! What a great surprise!

So what is there to update you on? Well of course there is the house. With its ups and downs (and there have been both) we have been very lucky to have David's dad to help fix a multitude of ailments. He really is a bloody good handy man! The current decor is a bit dated shall we say so the whole house will be given the decorating treatment over the coming months! Project number 1 - Decorate the living room.
Who would have thought stripping wallpaper and re-decorating would be so time consuming......... I was a little naive when it came to this DIY malarkey. Hmmmm take the wallpaper off and paint? I think not! I learnt very quickly that re-decorating was not going to be a walk in the park! You need to strip the wallpaper, fill the odd hole (if needed), sand down the wall, then paint???? No no no!
"If you want to get a smooth finish I recommend putting lining paper on first before you paint" David's dad advised. "Then you can paint".
So far it has already taken us about 3 weeks to do it and we haven't even finished doing the lining paper yet.  David and I aren't the most experienced when it comes to DIY but I tell you this is a learning curve! Here are some in progress photographs! At least I have finally chosen my wallpaper and paint. The beautiful Hockham duck egg blue wallpaper by Laura Ashley which will be complimented by Antique Pearl paint from B&Q which we got mixed up especially by using the eau de nil colour from the wallpaper! Exciting!

The wallpaper with many paint samples!

Lining the dreaded walls............


So the house aside I have a few other things I wanted to touch base with you about!

A few months ago my work colleague approached me and asked if I would like to design a book cover for a publication her and her friends were putting together. With the title of "Shades of Time" the book consists of a variety of short stories and poems centred around time. I came up with an image which represented the past present and the future and it thankfully approved and used.

Here is my orignal artwork I did.

The other day I got an email from my colleague saying that an author has read and reviewed the book.

The author is a lady called Leila Aboulela and she started her review by mentioning my design.
"Shades of Time, the latest publication from the Lemon Tree Writers comes with an attractive cover by artist Camilla-Erika Campbell. I found myself spending more than an average time studying the image with its three clocks, its past postage mark and the hint of a future" 

You can read the full review and find out more about the publication here
Secondly and very importantly I wanted to mention about my business. Neon Haze Designs has under gone some re-branding! Some friends advised me to consider changing my business name to my own name instead and after some deliberating I took their advice and did just that. (Yes you were right all along David!) So its time to say goodbye to Neon Haze Designs and hello to Camilla- Erika.

Apart from my name not much has changed in terms of my product lines. I closed down my old folksy shop but fear not as I now have a brand spanking new folksy and also etsy shop too!

Please go and have a look at my new shops on the following links!

I have also decided to get some business cards and postcards professionally printed! Here is a photo of the front of the postcard.

So remember if you want to go shopping head to the above links! You can also find me on facebook under Camilla - Erika

That's all for now folks, I'll be back soon with another crafty update I promise!!!
Ciao for now!

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